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Highlight and Success

"Run Together Give Together"

Batam International Charity (BIC) Fun Run 7K 2024: “Run Together, Give Together”

Batam, 5 May 2024 — The Batam International Charity (BIC) hosted a successful BIC Fun Run 7K 2024 event, under the inspiring slogan “Run Together, Give Together”. This annual fundraising event, organized by McDermott employees in collaboration with Batam International Charity, brought together an impressive array of participants and supporters, making it a memorable day dedicated to charity and community spirit.

Volunteers and Sponsors

The event was made possible by the dedicated efforts of 33 volunteers from various departments within MDR. Their commitment and hard work were essential in ensuring the smooth execution of the event.

We are grateful for the generous contributions from our sponsors, which included:

  • 7 Platinum sponsors
  • 5 Gold sponsors
  • 7 Silver sponsors
  • 4 Bronze sponsors

These sponsors collectively contributed a total sponsorship fund of USD 42,000, highlighting the strong support from the business community for charitable initiatives.

Participation and Fundraising

The Fun Run saw enthusiastic participation from both MDR employees and the public. A total of 1,318 runners hit the pavement, comprising 258 MDR employees and 1,060 public participants. The event successfully raised USD 24,000 in registration fees, contributing significantly to our fundraising goals.

Purpose and Impact

The BICRUN aims to foster a deeper understanding of charitable activities and inspire greater involvement in charity programs. By bringing together runners, supporters, and volunteers, the event encouraged everyone to engage in charitable activities in their unique ways. This aligns with our mission to boost participation in charitable activities not only from MDR employees, clients, and vendors but also from the wider Batam community.

Our goal is to integrate the Charity Run into the BIC’s annual event agenda, creating ongoing opportunities for engagement with our sponsors, business partners, employees, local government, and the Batam society. Through their participation in the “Run Together, Give Together” event, we aim to drive Live Changing Movements and make a significant impact on the community.

Looking Forward

The success of the BIC Fun Run 7K 2024 sets a strong foundation for future charitable events. We are excited to continue this tradition and expand our reach, encouraging more people to join us in our mission to make a difference through charitable activities. Together, we can create a lasting positive impact and foster a culture of giving within our community.

Thank you to all participants, volunteers, and sponsors for making this event a resounding success. We look forward to your continued support in our future endeavors.

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